WebFocus (innovative web design studio) – is a globally-oriented e-business project rendering professional services to companies and clients, including: web development, web design, SEO, SEO-copyrighting, website maintenance, website translation, and applied linguistics.

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+38 067 9278783
+38 063 8177999
+38 067 3695969 (English)
E-mail: webfocus@poslugy.com
Skype: web_focus


We focus on and promote empirical advantages and cutting edge opportunities of the information and communication technologies (ICT) to our customers in times of booming globalization and information society.

Web services

WebFocus - provides universal access to IT and innovation resources to benefit our team members, customers, and millions of Internet users worldwide.

The art of WebFocus is the perfection of every order we deal with:

  • Domain selection and registration
  • Website concept development
  • Web development
  • Static pages structure development
  • Web design
  • Webpage make-up
  • Assurance of website interactivity
  • Authentic copyrighting
  • Editing and correction of website content
  • Website multilingual translation
  • CMS of static pages
  • CMS of the components of dynamic pages
  • Website registration in search browsers
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Advancement of website ratings
  • Statistics of website entries and clicks

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